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Mariam Abdel Azim

Reclaiming the City


Mariam Abdel Azim

Mariam Abdel Azim is an Architect who holds a B.Sc. in Architecture from the American University in Cairo and a M.Sc. in Architecture from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). During her study at MIT, she also worked as a research and a teaching assistant at the School of Architecture and Planning. Mariam is currently a practicing architect in New York City. .

In recent years, Egypt has witnessed the emergence of urban sprawl – districts that stretch beyond the periphery of its old cities. In her thesis, Mariam unveils the rich layers of urban history in her hometown – the city she is always admired – and uses her findings to propose an urban design model for an existing quarter, capturing the essence of a successful neighborhood. In the process, she also discovered the real reason behind her love for the community she spent her childhood in.