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Liza van der Linde

Learning to Be!


Liza van der Linde

Liza van der Linde, a Dutch educational trainer and consultant, has been working in the field of education since 1976. After teaching children from 4-12 year and specializing in children with learning problems, in 1992 she started to live in Egypt. She finished her diploma of teaching following the Montessori philosophy in 2002 in Cairo from MEPI (USA).

Travelling throughout Egypt, Liza learned to adapt to a new culture, has set up many centers for mentally challenged children and inspired and trained preschool-teachers all over the country in holistic education and the Montessori Method. She is also the author of several programs for children between 3-6 years and children delayed in development. One of them, named Mido in the World of Letters is a program with a holistic approach to guide the development of the child: learning reading and writing, living morals, becoming an independent, thinking and creative human. While being the educational consultant of (Dar El Kalema publishing house) and serving with non-profit-organizations, her common core is (earning to be).