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The Bastet Project

The Bastet Project Debut


The Bastet Project

Genuine original music blending Egyptian timbre with Western Operatic vocal majesty through modern harmony texture. “Bastet” was a goddess of music in the glorious Ancient Egypt. Created in 2014 by the collaboration of six musicians passionate for music alongside their different studies/careers: Magued (Composer, Piano), Samuel (Oud), Amir (Guitar), Shady (Percussions), Emad (Bass), and Nadine (Soprano).

Each member of the Bastet Project has a long track record in noncommercial music. The Project’s first piece Egypt won TEDxCairo 2014 Artist Competition. Their spectrum of different influences; from Classical and Opera to Latin, Jazz, Rock and Egyptian music, has contributed in making you listen to a brand new experience: Egyptian spirit blended with Western Operatic voice. Their sound is only acoustic: no synths, no electronic sounds, and each instrument is a hero. Their music emphasizes meditation more than entertainment, and will delight both lovers of Western Classical music and Egyptian music.