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Ibrahim Safwat

The track of your life


Ibrahim Safwat

Who is the Speaker? Ibrahim Safwat is the founder of Cairo's latest fitness craze, Cairo Runners, which is the first and largest urban running group in Cairo. Along with Cairo Runners, Safwat joggles the responsibilities of his position at Robert Bosch as Area Sales Manager. Safwat has a BA degree in Mechanical Engineering from Helwan University, and earned his MBA from Sydney Business School. Why You Should Listen To Him? Safwat's passion for community, fitness and positive change was channeled into the shaping of Cairo's energetic running troupe. His inspiration for starting Cairo Runners came from a business trip to Paris that unfolded the running phenomena in Egypt. Today, Cairo Runners has grown to be an active running community that sees regular 2,000 participants, as well as a non-profit organization specialized in planning marathon events in the heart of the Cairo.

Ibrahim Safwat is the founder of Cairo Runners. In his talk, he expands on the metaphor of the track to prove that life is all about a track you have to run with a destination in mind.