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Amal Hamada

Revisiting political science - the street perspect


Amal Hamada

Who is the Speaker? Amal Hamada is an associate professor of political Science, Cairo University. She has done her graduate studies on the Iranian Revolution and its course of domestic and regional development. Her research interests cover a wide range of topics; but mostly topics of unconventional forms of political activism. She has been a Ford foundation scholar as a Fulbright Scholar in residence. Why You Should Listen To Her? The way Amal sees it, is that choosing to listen to her should not come with specific expectations, she doesn't aim at providing answers but rather perspective and food for thought...

Amal Hamada is an associate professor of political science, Cairo University. Through three stories she tells of the Egyptian street, she demonstrates how the study of political science can be revisited by looking around us. Music credit: Eslam Salem