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Kareem Sami

Only a numeric minority


Kareem Sami

Kareem Sami, is at his 6th year in Medicine School at Ain Sham University. He has obsession for understanding and analyzing people's behaviors; as his parents are psychologists. Which grows his addiction to psychology and philosophy and been writing about them since he was 16 years old in addition to being interested in creative self-expression through arts. The Founder of Egypt's Sarcasm Society (ESS), an online platform that has been offering Egypt's creative youth a stage for creative graphical self-expression since 2009, and the very same place that started the comics phenomenon among the Egyptians. He is also the CEO of Sarcas-tech (Egypt).

Driven by his obsession with understanding and analyzing people's behavior, Kareem tells the story of ESS through its core concept for him: the demonstration urge, what beings people together and makes them a majority or a minority in any given society.