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Mohamed El Dahshan

Democratizing entrepreneurship


Mohamed El Dahshan

Mohamed El Dahshan is a research fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. In his capacity as Middle East Manager for the Entrepreneurial Finance Lab - Research Initiative, he seeks to facilitate commercial lending to entrepreneurs and SMEs. He is a graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Sciences - Po Paris, and Cairo University. He has served as a consultant for a number of international organizations and national governments on growth and SME development policies. He is also a lecturer at Ain Shams University, and a regular contributor to international media. Last year, he was awarded an Anna Lindh EuroMediterranean journalism award for his writings on the Egyptian revolution; his is also the coauthor of "Tahrir Diaries", a collective memoir of the 2011 Egyptian revolution, which was published in Arabic and in Italian.

El-Dahshan explains to the audience where he believes the Egyptian government is getting it wrong when it comes to empowering entrepreneurs and fixing the economy, emphasizing that he has more faith in the man selling food off a cart on the street to revitalize the economy than the sought after loan from the IMF.