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Amr Salama

How to advertise a revolution


Amr Salama

A young Egyptian entrepreneur who paved his way into his beloved field of Film-making. He directed, wrote and edited a featured film called "On a Day like Today", which was shown in theaters in Egypt during 2008 and was honored in the Alexandria International Film Festival. He also directed a documentary about AIDS/ People living with HIV. Amr is well known as a famous blogger who was among the first to protest during January 25, when tens of thousands went to the streets of Egypt to stand against police brutality, political oppression and social injustice. After being brutally beaten by the police forces during that day, he decided to write exactly what happened. This, long with a series of other articles that came later during the revolution, have enraged many Egyptians who have not only read his articles but also spread them throughout Egypt using Facebook and Twitter.