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Emil Aziz

Driving in Egypt- the nightmare, the dream


Emil Aziz

An executive with 14 years of experience in the Information and Communication Technology field. He has a bachelor of science in Computer Science from the American University in Cairo with Minors in Electronics and Business Administration. He has spear-headed start-ups and internet companies starting late 90's and is now focused on business development and strategic responsibilities. Co- founder of eMokhalfa.com, founder of Outsourcing Egypt business group and holds the position of a Managing Director in SAND, which is considered one of the fast growing ICT companies in Egypt.

In a demonstrative talk that spoke to the lives of many Cairenes and Egyptians, Emil addresses the issue of Cairo's stifling traffic with a solution in hand: E-Mokhalfa! Highlighting the significant psychological findings that working on E-Mokhalfa brought out to him and the co-founders.