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Ossama Helmy

Origami Performace - The Dream, The Nightmare


Ossama Helmy

He is an Egyptian Artist who worked independently to promote the Art of Origami" the art of Japanese paper folding" in Egypt and the Arab World since 2003. He used Origami in more than one field, such as development, education (language, geometry, and science), art, psychiatry, behavior modification, and those with special needs (the deaf and the visually impaired). He studied Anthropology Alexandria University School of Arts. Ossama has created some new patterns, to be added to the Art of Origami, such as the Arabic numbers and alphabets, Ramadan's Lantern, some bird patterns and abstract forms. In addition, he established the Arab Origami Center in 2011.

In a pleasing mixture of signing, origami and storytelling, Ossama Helmy dazzles the audience with his passionate story about the dream and the nightmare that is origami in his life.