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Yasmeen El Shawy

Here for a Reason


Yasmeen El Shawy

Yasmeen El Shawy was diagnosed at one year of age with Spinal Muscular Atrophy which has severely limited her movement and as a result she needs to use an electric wheelchair to get around. But it didn't stop her from searching for the purpose of her being here. She is currently studying graphic design and even though she hasn't graduated she does freelance work, getting jobs from Egypt and around the world. Yasmeen also volunteers for Productive Muslim and Amr Khaled's Life Makers. Design to her is not just something she does, its one of the most important things in her life. Although she have been challenged by a physical disability she is thankful for the limited use of her fingers and for the technology that enables her to express herself through design. Through her art ,she feels as able as anyone else… it gives her a sense of freedom!

In this deeply inspirational talk, Yasmeen describes the difficulties she faced, explaining how she wouldn't allow her illness to stop her from searching for the purpose of her being. Yasmeen is currently a freelance graphic designer, who feels free and unrestricted through her art.