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Zap Tharwat

The Happiness


Zap Tharwat

Although he is a senior student in the faculty of Engineering, Ahmed Tharwat aka Zap Tharwat has always believed in hip-hop as a way of getting out of his problems. He has never thought that the day will come and he will be one of those rappers who maybe can chance something by time. "Alb Mat, Horreyya and Kefaya" are some of his tracks that deal with real issues that each one of the Egyptian people has faced in a way or another, such as the division of the Arab World and the lack of Freedom in social, political and personal life. 25th of January Revolution has inspired Zap to write his track, "Sabahna Nady", in which he gives hope to every Egyptian to pursue their freedom and finally he ends it up with "Bahlam" to talk about our dreams for Egypt 2020.

Zap Tharwat - Egyptian Young Talented Rapper performs about "The Happiness" in TEDxCairo 2011 Resurrection -music by Sherif Mostafa (Keyboard Cairokee)