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Mostafa Hegazy

An Elephant In The Box


Mostafa Hegazy

Founder of ACME Corp Global, a Strategic Advisory Firm and SQUARE Institute for Strategic Thinking, an Advocacy Think Tank. Hegazy encompasses 23 years of comprehensive experience in Strategic Advisory, Governance Advocacy, Investment Management, Organizational Psychology, Institutional Sustainable Development, and Strategic Philanthropy; All covered in the Industry of Thinking domain. He established the TCT School of thought and the ACME Approach for sustainable development both catering for a unique methodology of Strategic Emergence, Development & Reform. His professional experience is complimented through an extended academic profile that encompasses the technical aspects of development. In his capacity as President of ACME Corp-Global; he chairs the Corporate Board of Directors and the Executive Boards of the Corporate SBUs namely, ACME Advisors, ACME Investments, Millennium HC&IP and P&S Consultants.

Mostafa Hegazy talks about the elephant in the box at TEDxCairo 2011: Resurrection.