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Ahmed El Esseily

The Uncertainty of "?"


Ahmed El Esseily

An Egyptian writer, thinker, intellectual, film and television editor, and a host of radio and TV shows. He captures and provokes Egyptian readers with his brilliant arguments and sarcastic sense of humor. Also, he is the author of two best-selling books. Esseily is well known for his passion for reflecting and raising controversial issues within the Egyptian society, particularly those pertaining to political and social matters, which is not only portrayed in his writings and TV shows but also in his witty character. He's the author of two of Egypt's bestsellers: "A Book Without a Name" and "The Second Book". His most famous TV show is "Esseily on the Streets: which is shot in the streets of Cairo, with the people of Cairo, every week.

Ahmad El Esseily in a philosophical contemplation on the notions of certainty and uncertainty at TEDxCairoSalon: The Unexpected, Uncertain and Undiscovered, May 2012.