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Amira Makhlouf

Please Don't Accept Me!


Amira Makhlouf

Amira Makhlouf holds a BA in Psychology and Special education from Marymount Manhattan College in New York City, as well as New York City and State teaching certificates. She also has a Masters of Education from Harvard University in the field of Human Development and Education. After working for many years in the field of education in the Netherlands, she has returned to Egypt and has been active in the area of adult and continuing education. She has taught English for special purposes to lawyers, bankers, journalists and even politicians. She is currently teaching English for Religious purposes to a group of Azhary Imams at the American University in Cairo. In addition to academic teaching, she designs and delivers professional Training courses to Different types of National as well as multinational organizations.

In her provocative TEDxCairo talk Amira Makhlouf approaches through her own experience the concepts of acceptance and tolerance differently shedding light on the importance of overcoming the obstacles we have put for ourselves when we think of other people and decide to "accept" them.