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Shereef Abd El Azeem



Shereef Abd El Azeem

Dr. Sherif Abdelazeem is an Associate Professor of Electronics Engineering at the American University in Cairo and the Founder and Chairman of Resala NGO. Dr. Abdelazeem received his Ph.D. from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada in 1995. He was an associate professor at the Electronics and Communications Department, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University. After that, he joined AUC in September 2004. As an extracurricular voluntary work, Dr. Abdelazeem founded Resala NGO, which is the leading volunteer-based organization in Egypt with more than 100,000 registered volunteers and 50 branches across Egypt serving millions of Egyptians. Resala aims at caring for the orphans, providing for the needy, helping the blind, deal, and people with special needs, eradicating illiteracy, teaching computer literacy courses, free tutoring for needy students, collecting and distributing used clothes, monthly blood donation campaigns, blood life saving database, caring for the elderly, and sheltering street kids.