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Mena Shenoda

An Egyptian Tale !


Mena Shenoda

A Co-author of the bestselling Arabic book "Astigmatism in the Brain", with his friend, Mostafa El Sayyad. The book is a collection of ironic tales about the sectarian disputes in Egypt from the perspective of two friends, a Christian and a Muslim. Mena Shenoda is a dynamic writer and speaker who is passionate about improving human behavior. He is still a student in his senior year at Faculity of Commerce, English Section, Business Administration Department, Cairo University. However, he was the host of an online radio show called "Sheno in the Taxi", which ironically tackles different issues in the Egyptian society, and he also co-wrote one of his bestselling books in Egypt. Journalist and TV presenter, Roula Kharsa, commented on Shenoda's book "Astigmatism in the Brain" saying: "Finally someone has got the courage to do it, the courage to say it; to speak frankly, honestly and without any sensitivities on Muslim-Christian relationship in Egypt. Finally someone has managed to realistically describe it without any complexities, in a loud, sarcastic and humorous tone."