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Aly Faramawy

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Aly Faramawy

Vice President of Microsoft International. An active member of the international leadership team responsible for the company's international strategy. Leader in a number of strategic initiatives across many emerging & fast growing markets. Throughout more than twenty years in the IT industry, Faramawy held different technical, sales and leadership roles in different parts of the Middle East and Europe with companies like Dun & Bradstreet Software, NCR Corporation, Yokogawa Marex and finally Microsoft Corporation. He serves on a number of high impact NGOs and Advisory boards focused primarily on business excellence, human resource development and advancement in the ICT sector which reflects his passion towards empowering people in emerging and developing markets. He graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, majoring in Computer Science & Automatic Control and has an MBA in Strategic Marketing from the University of Hull in the UK.

Aly Faramawy Microsoft international Vice President speaks in TEDxCairo - Resurrection 2011