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Mohamed Abdel-Mottaleb


An Assistant Professor of Nano Materials and founder and Director of the Nano Materials Masters Program at Nile University (the first such program in the Middle East).

Dr. Abdel-Mottaleb's research has been at the forefront of nanotechnology developments in the Middle East. He has 24 peer—reviewed publications (including papers in Accounts of Chemical Research and Nano Letters), has co-authored a chapter for NATO on the commercial applications of nanotechnology, and has served on the Ethics Committee on Nanoscience for the European Union. Further, he has organized and chaired the first nanotech conference in the Middle East (NanoTech Insight, in 2005, 2007), and is currently organizing a host of other industry—specific nanotech events and workshops in the region. Abdel-Mottaleb has an excellent background in nano materials, as well as alternative energy and sensor technologies.

Prior to joining Nile University, he was the Chairman and Founder of SabryCorp Ltd. (Cairo, Egypt), the first company in the Middle East and Africa to specialize in nanotechnology. He also worked in research labs both Belgium (K. U. Leuven) and in Germany (U. Ulm, TU Chemnitz) where he specialized in a number of interesting arenas such as the Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM) and Atomic Force Microscopy applications in surface modifications.