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Maha Helali


Maha Helali has a Masters degree in Inclusive and Special Education from Institute of Education of University of London. Founder of the Learning Resource Center (LRC) to provide specialized care to those with autism and helping to better integrate them into the fabric of Egyptian society.
Maha had been elected to lead different roles as The Chairman of the Egyptian Society for Developing Skills of Children with Special Needs (ADVANCE). The Coordinator for the UNESCO "Education for All" Consultancy Committee for the Arab Region.She is also a Co-founder of the Arab Network for Autism (ANA) .The President of the Foundation of the Egyptian experts and organizations in support of the educational integration of Inclusive Education Foundation of Egypt (IEFE), and president of the Organization of containment for the Middle East and North Africa Inclusion International - MENA.

Maha is helping people with autism to reach their full potential by providing them with necessary skills pertaining to adaptation, vocation, academic education, and other general abilities that will enable them to better function and enjoy more freedom in their lives.
She is working to change attitudes towards autism. By engaging parents, medical professionals, teachers, trainers, and society at large in workshops, training of trainers programs, seminars and short courses, she educates people about the disorder and teaches them how to better interact with autistic people in a structured and appropriate manner. Through national events, conferences, and the designation of April as Autism Awareness Month, Maha has deconstructed long-lasting cultural taboos and candidly advocated on behalf of those suffering from autism.