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Alaa-Eldin Idris, holds a Ph.D in Chemical Engineering from University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada and a Masters in the same field from the University of Salford, England. He holds eight (8) US Patents and has published over 50 articles in high-ranking international scientific journals. He held several Technology and Innovation Management positions both regionally (SABIC of Saudi Arabia) and internationally (MRT in Canada). He has been a Consultant in Technology Policy and Strategy and in development of Human Capital in STI for the past 12 years.

Currently he is a Director on the Board of the Science and Technology Development Fund (STDF), a Chief Knowledge Officer and Chairman of the Science, Technology, and Innovation Committee (STI) at Misr El Kheir Foundation, a non-governmental organization working towards the integrated sustainable development of underprivileged communities in Egypt, which he cofound in 2007.
Through his work in Misr El Kheir Foundation and the establishment of ECASI (the Egyptian Center for the Advancement of Science and Innovation), has adopted the cause of reviving the role of the civil society in setting the national framework of knowledge as means to save the country from the state of knowledge stroke it is currently suffering from and enable the transition to a knowledge-based economy.