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Bassem Youssef is a cardiac surgeon who has radically advanced the field of media and political news in Egypt. He is a visionary satirist and a comedian who starred on the 'Bassem Youssef Show', which premiered in March 2011 after the Egyptian Revolution as the first online Egyptian satirical show.

After 10 years working as a cardiothoracic surgeon, Bassem Youssef has completely upturned his medical career to media career. Despite his passion to surgery, Dr. Youssef has always been interested in surpassing the walls and doors of the operating room and connecting with people. His early interest in dissection sparked his use of parody and satire to dissect the news in Egypt.
Provoked by the absurdities of Egyptian television's coverage of the events during the revolution, Youssef decided to premiere his first humorous episode, after which he didn't expect that his YouTube channel will get nearly four million views and more than 25,000 subscribers. That quickly got the attention of television executives, and Dr. Youssef was flooded with offers.