Yasmine Said

List of Talks


Yasmine is an aspiring med-student with a profound interest in Alzheimer's disease and a deep concern of spreading awareness on neurological disorders. As a hard working student of Biological Sciences in Oklahoma Panhandle State University, in USA, Yasmine worked at the elderly Psychiatric disease unit at Morton County Hospital in Kansas where she experienced a great interest in Alzheimer's disease. Accordingly, she decided to start medicine school in Egypt in 2005. In order to develop her research on Alzheimer, she received training at the Alzheimer's disease Research Center at the University of California in 2009 and at New York University in 2010.

She started a Neuroscience Club at the faculty of Medicine at Ain Shams University to promote for the important neurological disorders and increase awareness on

diseases such as Alzheimer's disease. Yasmine is currently finishing her research project on Alzheimer's disease which will be presented at the Congress of Neuroscience in 2011.